Barsumo is the best value platform on the market!

*Calculated on a first-in-first-out (FiFo) basis. Barsumo is the first platform to calculate stock value and cogs using FiFo. Competitor platforms simply use last price.


Barsumo is a web platform that streamlines the supplier ordering process for Bars & Restaurants. Bars & restaurants use Barsumo to place orders with their suppliers.
Barsumo simplifies the process of placing & tracking orders. Most Bars & Restaurants place orders via multiple channels (email, text, WhatsApp, voicemail etc.) and find it difficult to keep track of orders & deliveries.

With Barsumo, Bars & Restaurants can place orders through a single channel/platform and keep track of deliveries.
It's simple. Bars & Restaurants just need to add their venue's suppliers & products and start placing orders.

When an order is placed:
  • An email is sent to the supplier. The person who placed the order and venue email address are also cc'd.
  • Suppliers confirm the order by replying-to-all
  • The order is added to the order log

Note: if a supplier email is not delivered for some reason, Barsumo will intervene to ensure the order reaches its destination.
No. Barsumo recognizes the sensitive nature of your data, in particular price data, and has taken rigorous steps to ensure it is secure. Under no circumstances will your data be shared with third parties.
Barsumo is free to use. Our premium package costs USD35 per month per venue and is free until Jan 31, 2019.

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