Be the beverage supplier customers love to order from.

Save Time, Boost Sales, Reduce Operational Costs

Fast, easy setup: upload your products, invite your customers, and go!

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Empower your sales team to focus on sales, not taking orders.

  • Instant B2B online presence, no expensive website required
  • Custom products & prices for each customer
  • All orders in one place (in a single inbox and online)
  • Real-time reporting for sales reps & customers
  • Integration with existing accounting and enterprise software systems


Eliminate tedious tasks and supercharge your business.

  • Boost sales: make ordering from you a pleasure, not a chore
  • Reduce costs: eliminate costs associated with manual ordering methods and legacy solutions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: delight customers with an ordering experience on-par with leading eCommerce websites and mobile apps.

How it works...


Invite your customers. Learn More.


Upload your customer specific products & prices.


Start receiving orders!

Invite Your Customers

As soon as you invite your first customer, you will be granted access to Barsumo to add customer catalogs. And once that's done, your customer(s) will be invited to Barsumo to start placing orders.

Barsumo integrates with all major accounting systems!

With Barsumo’s integrated solution you can export all of your orders with a single click, ensuring your never have to retype an order again.


Barsumo makes B2B beverage ordering simple. Barsumo's tools empower customers to place orders with minimum hassle and direct access to your online digital catalog. In return, you benefit from a streamlined order-flow and direct integration with accounting and enterprise software systems.
Is your sales team wasting time capturing & entering orders? Do you have a team whose sole function is to enter orders into your accounting system? If either of these is true, Barsumo can help.

Some Beneifts
  • Customers get instant access to your digital catalog (through our mobile and web-based ordering tools). For free.
  • You’re in control: update products & prices and push deals at the click of a button
  • Direct integration with your accounting & enterprise software systems. No more spending hours on the phone taking orders, no more illegible faxes, no more manual entries!
  • Powerful real-time reporting
  • Fewer calls, texts, emails, faxes, voicemails, and WhatsApp messags to deal with!

No. Barsumo recognizes the sensitive nature of your data, in particular price data, and has taken rigorous steps to ensure it is secure. Under no circumstances will your data be shared with third parties.
Barsumo is free to use for distributors & suppliers. Barsumo earns revenue by charging venues (Bars, Cafes, Restaurants) a subscription fee for access to our premium services. Your customers will not be charged for accepting your invite and placing orders via Barsumo.

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